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Sunday, January 4, 2009


It happened again today. T had a hockey game - the first he's had since before the holidays. Once again comments started to be said loudly in the stands amongst the two sets of parents. It only seems to happen really in that rink. Whoever chose the setup should have to sit in the middle of the bleachers during every game. Why would you choose to have both sets sit together? Yes, I know that their are the metal bleachers a little further down - but come on there is no heat there! When the rink actually ponies up to heat the stands believe me we are sitting there!

So today a dad from the other team makes a comment about one of our players. I think he called him a punk - no one was even really sure. In all honesty the kid actually wasn't be a punk today! Somedays - yes. But not today. Anyway the mom of the kid on our team gets really offended and starts saying things really loudly about talking about her son. Ok, I understand why. I wouldn't want anyone talking about T either but what good is starting a verbal allocation going to do? Then another mom gets in on it talking about how they aren't going to cut it as hockey parents if that is how they are going to act - exactly how is that any different than what they did? I don't know.

A little bit later in the game, "punk" got the puck out of our zone - really good play on his part. The coach's mother - who mind you is well into her 50s - shouts out, "Way to go Punk!" Why? What does that prove? That you are immature and don't know how to behave at a hockey game yourself?

I truly cannot understand grown adults who act like this! Especially since the boys who are playing are 8, 9, and 10 years old! What exactly are you teaching your children? I think that as the grown ups you need to show your children how to politely and respectfully get along with others in life. Sure there is the competition thing happening here but children need to be taught about friendly and respectful competition.

It isn't funny when your child slugs it out or checks people into the boards at almost every game. Yes, I know hockey is a contact sport and I'm all for that when appropriate and when necessary. However, at our stage in the game right now checking is not allowed - that means DO NOT DO IT! When you laugh about it, it tells me that you encourage your child to play dirty. It tells me that you encourage your child not to abide by the rules.

It is getting to the point where I'm not sure I want to even sit in the stands with the other parents anymore. I have to say that many times lately I'm actually embarrassed to be sitting amongst them due to things that are being said/shouted. My mom always taught me that people will see you and judge you by the people that you associate with. Her lesson was meant to teach me to make good choices when it came to choosing friends. I certainly don't want people to associate me with some of the other hockey parents. I don't want them to see that behavior and think that is me also.

Just because hockey is a contact sport doesn't mean fights need to be breaking out in the stands.

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