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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trading Places

On the radio this morning they posed the question: If you could steal anyone's identity for one day, and live as them for 24 hours, who would it be?

I have thought about this for a bit now. I think I'd like to experience what it is like to be Jodi Piccoult. Lately I have been on a huge kick of reading her books. She is such a great story teller that I would love to be in her head for 24 hours. Not to mention maybe I would actually learn a thing or two that would improve my own writing when I became myself again. It would be interesting and exciting to see what it is like to live the life of an author if only for one day.

Don't Facebook Me!

I am so tired of parents of my students contacting me inappropriate ways and thinking it is ok or the correct way to go about things.

A few years ago I had a parent who lived a few doors down from my mom and dad. She came MORE THAN ONCE to their door looking for me! Mind you that I don't live there. She then went to my boss complaining that she contacted me and that I neglected to contact her back! Nevermind that I hadn't talked to my parents since she'd been there so I had no idea! Nevermind that that was so out of line that I couldn't even begin to tell you the multiple ways that made me feel wronged. I mean seriously!!

Today I get home from a somewhat rough end to the day and do my typical log on to Facebook to catch up with friends and get my Fish World fix (yes it is dumb but I'm addicted). Anyway, my inbox shows I have a message. I assume it is from one of the moms I am friends with at T-man's school. Nope! It is a mom of a student! (Ok I did graduate high school with her but we are NOT friends by ANY means of the word - LONG story for another day). So her son forgot to turn in his homework and is all upset and "what should she tell him" and "what should he do?" (Ok first off he is in MIDDLE school can't he handle this himself? Time to cut the apron strings mom! He has to learn how to deal with his issues/problems himself at some point. Now is as good a time as any!) Why is she contacting me through Facebook? I have a school email!!!! THAT is how you contact a teacher - NOT Facebook! I don't have a "public" page. You aren't my friend. Don't message me. I have a right to a personal life. I have a right to have a Facebook account to contact friends and play games without being accosted by parents.

I told her the answer to her questions and requested politely that in the future it would be best if she contacted me at my work email, gave her the email addy, and assured her that I check it regularly (I even emailed a parent back at 8:00 last night!) I am sure she won't like my request. Will probably go to my principal. But I feel I was polite and have a right to be contacted appropriately. Just because I'm a public employee doesn't mean I am public domain 24-7.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jury Duty

It's funny, whenever someone I know gets jury duty they have to seek me out to tell me their story. I guess it is because I was a "professional juror" for about a year and a half a few years ago. Yes, you read right I said PROFESSIONAL juror. I can say that because somehow I was chosen to have the "honor" of serving on a federal grand jury.

Usually when one gets jury duty you serve a couple days and you are done. In fact the first time I had jury duty I never even saw the courtroom - just the waiting room!

However, a federal grand jury works very differently. Grand juries don't simply hear one case and are done as most juries do. Grand juries rather hear the evidence in cases that the federal prosecutors are ready to indict. They don't find the defendent guilty or not guilty. In fact they don't even hear the defenses side of the case. The job of a grand jury is to hear all of the prosecution's evidence in a case and decide whether or not there is probable cause (meaning is it possible that the defendent committed the crime).

Since it takes a while to train a grand jury and you might actually hear the same case over months (while still hearing other cases also) grand juries serve six months actively. For six months you serve 3 days a week for 2 weeks a month. For a total of six days a month. After that you can be recalled up to 4 days a month for the next year!

As you can imagine, this was really quite annoying for many of us. There was 2 other teachers beside myself who had to be out of the classroom constantly. There were people who if they didn't go to work that day didn't get paid for that day. Yes, we received a stipend for the day but let's face it - it was the government it wasn't much!

It is very amusing that anytime a coworker gets jury duty they have to seek me out to commiserate. As if there one or two days (at the most) makes us have a shared experience. When their life is completely taken over by jury duty. When they spend more time there than at work at time. Then they can say we have something in common. Until then they should just be happy they got a short term sentence!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Need for Time!

Ever since going back to work I have been struggling with finding the time. Finding the time to clean my house. Finding the time to read. Finding the time to do laundry. Finding the time to go for a walk. Finding the time to blog!

I just feel so overwhelmed this year so early on in the school year. I feel like started day one at full on sprint and haven't stopped since.

We are up before the sun. Rush out the door to work/school and then rush home again to grab some food and head off to one of countless night obligations/plans. Everynight there seems to be something! Three times a week hockey, meetings, appointments, etc. Last night we actually had THREE places we had to be all at the same time! All three were things for T-man. I only have one child how can he have three places to be at the same time??? How do people with more than one child do it? I mean I had to call in reinforcements to cover bases with one LOL

I miss my casual summer life. I look forward to visiting with it again in the future. It is so laid back and easy going compared to it's cousin, Real Life. Real Life could learn a thing or two from Summer Life. Wonder if that will ever happen?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It is harder to adjust to having a student teacher than I thought it would be. In theory it is exciting to think of somebody else "doing your job" while you still reap the income. In reality it isn't quite like that.

First off, you have to explain EVERYTHING. Nothing is just routine anymore.

And the talking! Oh the talking... Even on my P&C I don't get a second of silence to just think or relax. Today she actually followed me to the restroom. I was afraid she was going to come in with me! LOL I'm used to turning on my iPod and jamming away at the work. That can't happen when you have a student teacher. Nor can you get a moment to call your husband/mother. In some ways it is like having a toddler!

Although I do have to say she is VERY enthusiastic and has a good rapport so far with the students (not an easy task in middle school). She obviously has some areas to work on but she'll get there. I have loads of faith in her.

I just wish for a quiet moment now and then. And a solo trip to the restroom!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well I did better with countries then colors but still disappointed in myself. These things are addicting though! LOL

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating


Ok so I took this quiz where you are given 5 minutes to name as many colors as you can. I really thought I would have done better! Geesh was it difficult for me for some reason. And time went SO fast!

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating