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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't Facebook Me!

I am so tired of parents of my students contacting me inappropriate ways and thinking it is ok or the correct way to go about things.

A few years ago I had a parent who lived a few doors down from my mom and dad. She came MORE THAN ONCE to their door looking for me! Mind you that I don't live there. She then went to my boss complaining that she contacted me and that I neglected to contact her back! Nevermind that I hadn't talked to my parents since she'd been there so I had no idea! Nevermind that that was so out of line that I couldn't even begin to tell you the multiple ways that made me feel wronged. I mean seriously!!

Today I get home from a somewhat rough end to the day and do my typical log on to Facebook to catch up with friends and get my Fish World fix (yes it is dumb but I'm addicted). Anyway, my inbox shows I have a message. I assume it is from one of the moms I am friends with at T-man's school. Nope! It is a mom of a student! (Ok I did graduate high school with her but we are NOT friends by ANY means of the word - LONG story for another day). So her son forgot to turn in his homework and is all upset and "what should she tell him" and "what should he do?" (Ok first off he is in MIDDLE school can't he handle this himself? Time to cut the apron strings mom! He has to learn how to deal with his issues/problems himself at some point. Now is as good a time as any!) Why is she contacting me through Facebook? I have a school email!!!! THAT is how you contact a teacher - NOT Facebook! I don't have a "public" page. You aren't my friend. Don't message me. I have a right to a personal life. I have a right to have a Facebook account to contact friends and play games without being accosted by parents.

I told her the answer to her questions and requested politely that in the future it would be best if she contacted me at my work email, gave her the email addy, and assured her that I check it regularly (I even emailed a parent back at 8:00 last night!) I am sure she won't like my request. Will probably go to my principal. But I feel I was polite and have a right to be contacted appropriately. Just because I'm a public employee doesn't mean I am public domain 24-7.


  1. That is truly outrageous. Not only to use Facebook to contact you, but to be speaking for her son who is certainly old enough! It's so rude and obnoxious to stalk you like that. Contacting a teacher in any way other than the way you provide is so out of line...We never got contact info for my teachers when I was in school. You do your work or deal with it, or call the school to make an appointment for a serious problem.

  2. Dang! I can feel your frustration. I can't imagine dealing with those kind of parents! Unfortunately, I get plenty of "those type of patients and families". Good for you for venting!!

  3. Absolutely INSANE! I probably would have ignored the message on Facebook and sent a letter to her home to "make sure everyone knows how to contact the kids' teachers" when there's a problem. You're super nice to have addressed her at all. If she had been ignored, she would have picked up on it! I once messaged my DM on myspace since she insisted on stalking ALL her managers, but she never got back to me. What I didn't understand was how it was okay for her to "be my friend," but it was not okay for me to message her about work. Whatev.'re super nice and patient for bothering with her at all considering it was her son that was irresponsible.

  4. Gosh - some people have no common sense. Didn't she know it was inappropriate. Even thought I have my girls' teachers mobile numbers, I wouldn't THINK of call them on their personal phones...

  5. I agree with you, that's not right . Mostly since you guys are not even friends anyway..I could see maybe if you were and just in talking she mentioned it ,but unless you are really good friends and talk to the mom all the time stuff should stay that way . People don't call their doctors at their homes to say they can't come in the next day.....they call the office !