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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Need for Time!

Ever since going back to work I have been struggling with finding the time. Finding the time to clean my house. Finding the time to read. Finding the time to do laundry. Finding the time to go for a walk. Finding the time to blog!

I just feel so overwhelmed this year so early on in the school year. I feel like started day one at full on sprint and haven't stopped since.

We are up before the sun. Rush out the door to work/school and then rush home again to grab some food and head off to one of countless night obligations/plans. Everynight there seems to be something! Three times a week hockey, meetings, appointments, etc. Last night we actually had THREE places we had to be all at the same time! All three were things for T-man. I only have one child how can he have three places to be at the same time??? How do people with more than one child do it? I mean I had to call in reinforcements to cover bases with one LOL

I miss my casual summer life. I look forward to visiting with it again in the future. It is so laid back and easy going compared to it's cousin, Real Life. Real Life could learn a thing or two from Summer Life. Wonder if that will ever happen?

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  1. I hear you! Life goes sooo fast all of the's crazy! I often feel like I need to figure out a way to clone myself!! You'll get in a routine again and it WILL get better.