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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trading Places

On the radio this morning they posed the question: If you could steal anyone's identity for one day, and live as them for 24 hours, who would it be?

I have thought about this for a bit now. I think I'd like to experience what it is like to be Jodi Piccoult. Lately I have been on a huge kick of reading her books. She is such a great story teller that I would love to be in her head for 24 hours. Not to mention maybe I would actually learn a thing or two that would improve my own writing when I became myself again. It would be interesting and exciting to see what it is like to live the life of an author if only for one day.


  1. Good question...I'm going to have to think about this!

    I've never read any of her books, but I keep hearing about them. I might have to check one out!

  2. I agree!! I finished all of her books this summer (finally!) and just kept thinking "How does she do it??" She's amazing. the only one I didn't like was Picture Perfect about the Hollywood Actor who abused his wife...the rest are gold!

  3. Great choice! It would be fun to be a famous author, just to see if it really is all it's cracked up to be.

    I think I would like to be my husband. Just to see what he really does all day at work, but only if he could be me so he could get what it's like to be home all day!

  4. That's cool. I read 1 of her books, The Pact. I think I would be Elizabeth Kartchner (2007 scrapbooker of the year for CK mag)

  5. Good question! Can't answer off the top of my head...

    I need to check out these books. They sound great!

    Hey...I included you in a "Lovely Blog Award" over at my blog.

  6. I never thought about your question in that way, but there are so many choices if thinking in terms of the creative mind! Just to experience what that flow is like for a favorite artist or author would be such a rush!