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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Successful Socializing

So if you have read my previous post (Anxiety) you know that I suffer from anxiety in relation to social situations. The idea of it makes me sick. Literally at times.

Well yesterday was a very successful day for me. At lunch time I took T-man and we went to the local Pizza Hut where we met two moms of kids in his grade. After lunch one of the moms and I took our kids on to bowling. Where they bowled three games. LOTS of socializing. I was fine. I didn't get nervous and I had a great time!

Then yesterday evening T-man had hockey. Usually I wouldn't go since it was just a practice. I take that as my alone time and watch things the guys don't like (chick flicks, Army Wives, etc.) while having a glass of wine. But last night I decided to go instead. I knew that Friday nights is a busy night at the rink and their would be a lot of people there that I "know". (I put it in quotes because while I know them and am friendly with them it isn't like have been really close or what have you with them.)

I didn't even take my book! That's my security. That or my camera. If all else fails or I get overwhelmed or need to hide behind something I will either stick my nose in a book or hide behind my camera. That way I don't feel bad when I don't put myself out there to talk to people and well it just makes me feel safe for some reason.

So last night I didn't take it. Instead I watched a little of practice and when I couldn't take anymore of the control freak, doesn't know anything but I am going to act like I do, nasally manager of son's team anymore ventured into the bar area to see if anyone I knew was in there.

Two mom's from T-man's team last year was and I sat and visited with them. Mind you I had to go up to them since they were already there and were playing cards. (I know it sounds dumb but that was major for me and I am oh so PROUD of myself!) I sat and visited with them for a long while then. Other moms/dads came in as other practices finished and that is where the Hubby found me to collect me to leave.

Sounds silly to many I'm sure but yesterday was a very fun day. Not only that but it really showed progress for me!


  1. Yeah! Way to go! I understand how big of a deal that is...

    Congratulations! ;)

  2. I think that's great! I don't suffer from that disorder but even for me to walk up to people like that would be out of my comfort zone.

  3. I have lots of anxiety too. So I know how that is. That's great that you went up to the other moms. I'm in a mom group & it can be hard sometimes.

  4. Way to go! Congratulations! It's great. I know how hard it can be to venture outside the comfort zone. So step by step!

  5. Congratulations! Take it one step at a time!

  6. Yay!!! That is a huge step! I used to be a lot like that, but after having 4 boys and HAVING to socialize I have gotten better about it. Good for you! :)

    I'm following you! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  7. I completely understand! I get physically ill in many social situations which can be embarrassing to say the least.

    Congratulations on putting yourself out there and handling it so well! Kudos to you for having the courage not to bring your normal fall-backs with you as well (book, camera).

    I found you through I'm now a follower! :)

  8. How awesome for you. I feel a little bit that way although I deal with it differently. I should write about it sometime. It bothers me a lot. I am glad you stopped by and hope you will join me in A Little Gratefulness. I think it is challenge that will bring great positive outcome. :)