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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It is harder to adjust to having a student teacher than I thought it would be. In theory it is exciting to think of somebody else "doing your job" while you still reap the income. In reality it isn't quite like that.

First off, you have to explain EVERYTHING. Nothing is just routine anymore.

And the talking! Oh the talking... Even on my P&C I don't get a second of silence to just think or relax. Today she actually followed me to the restroom. I was afraid she was going to come in with me! LOL I'm used to turning on my iPod and jamming away at the work. That can't happen when you have a student teacher. Nor can you get a moment to call your husband/mother. In some ways it is like having a toddler!

Although I do have to say she is VERY enthusiastic and has a good rapport so far with the students (not an easy task in middle school). She obviously has some areas to work on but she'll get there. I have loads of faith in her.

I just wish for a quiet moment now and then. And a solo trip to the restroom!


  1. I have given you a Kreativ Blogger Award! Your life is complete now.
    Come check out the post-
    XOXO Laura

  2. Wow...she sounds just like a toddler. When I worked, that was the only time I could use the bathroom alone. When that is taken from you, what is left?? ;)

    Good luck!