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Friday, August 14, 2009

101 Things That Make Me Happy!

1. my husband
2. my son
3. taking pictures
4. giraffes
5. scrapbooking
6. traveling
7. being by the water
8. a good book
9. chocolate
10. reality tv - Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor among others
11. writing
12. a new Ben Stiller movie
13. a good Pinot Grigio
14. chicken fajita burritos from Chipotle - YUM!
15. What to Wear on Facebook
16. Facebooking with friends I haven't seen in awhile as well as those I see often
17. golfing with the hubby
18. when a new scrapbooking magazine comes in the mail
19. watching T-man play hockey
20. compliments on pictures I've taken
21. when you see a student "get it"
22. the rare occasions I can go out to lunch with co-workers
23. when hubby takes my hand
24. when hubby says "I love you"
25. a good meal that incorporates peppers and onions
26. sun warmed tomatoes fresh from the garden
27. babies
28. Saturdays
29. summertime
30. being able to stay in bed and read in the morning
31. a new song on my iPod
32. playing Scrabble
33. going for walks
34. walking along the river at the park
35. grilling - especially steak
36. chicken kabobs with lots of peppers and onions
37. a hot fudge milkshake
38. getting the newest James Patterson book
39. when a new Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum) book comes out
40. winning
41. when my lilac bush blooms
42. getting my hair done - including colored/highlighted to remove the gray
43. when parents thank me for all that I do for their child
44. watching T-man play baseball
45. when T-man comes up to me and puts his head on my shoulder for just a moment before going off to play again
46. when T-man comes up and kisses my cheek
47. when hubby snuggles me
48. when hubby sends me articles that he thinks I might find interesting
49. watching Army Wives
50. anything Beauty and the Beast
51. listening to hubby sing in the car
52. hockey tournament weekends
53. trips to the cottage
54. seeing deer - in the park or out in a field
55. my kitty cats
56. being treated like a queen ;-P
57. blogging
58. watching All My Children
59. when hubby cooks dinner!
60. spontaneous kisses
61. finding a new author to read
62. Cecelia Ahern novels
63. a good memoir
64. wearing sandals
65. better - going barefoot
66. somebody else putting away the laundry
67. sand between my toes
68. listening to T-man laugh
69. T-man's sense of humor
70. compliments
71. buying presents for those I love
72. earl grey iced tea with lemon
73. my Cricut
74. Twizzlers
75. steak for dinner
76. when the scale goes DOWN
77. jewelry
78. a new purse
79. tote bags! I LOVE tote bags!!
80. hubby's smile - he has such a great one
81. when hubby calls me "babe" - I never thought I would be one to like it but from him I do! He doesn't mean it derogitorially but with love
82. hanging out with family
83. Christmas vacation
84. time to myself
85. chick flicks!
86. cheesy 80s movies
87. trips to the apple orchard
88. visits with friends
89. homemade salsa with tomatoe fresh from the garden
90. my gardens in full bloom
91. watching the Red Wings with hubby and son
92. riding ATVs
93. Hungry Howie's Pizza with pineapple and banana peppers
94. finding pretty paper to scrapbook with
95. completing a scrapbook page that turns out especially well
96. getting followers on my blog - LOL
97. figuring something technological out - something to do with blogging, momdot, twitter, etc.
98. getting a good score in Farkle
99. going on a date with hubby
100. sitting on the patio with a good book and a glass of wine in the summertime
101. that I was actually able to make it to 101 LOL :-D

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