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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hockey Dictates

We are back to life via hockey. It dictates what we do and when. We ended up having to miss church yesterday because hockey practice was scheduled during mass. Of course, if the coach or the stupid woman who desperately wanted to be manager (but in the two weeks the team has existed has already screwed up TWICE!) had let us know before 8 o'clock Saturday night we could have gone to mass at 4:30 on Saturday! It really ticks me off to learn things last second and because of that my son misses church (along with his dad and I).

We have lived here for a little over four years. At Easter we finally tried a church that we like and have been attending since. Last weekend we actually joined the parish. So having to miss makes me sad.

Finding a church that works is a big thing for us since my husband and I were raised in different religions. He was raised Catholic and I was raised Methodist. When we were first married we attended the church I was raised in. Hubby was great and would go. Never complained. However, there was no way he was going to become Methodist and you could tell he wasn't totally comfortable there. Likewise when I went a few times to the church that he was a member of I wasn't totally comfortable either.

We were at a standstill in a marriage with two religions. Mind you they were both Christian but still different enough that for a time we just stopped attending church since we couldn't find one where we were both comfortable.

However, I missed going to church and I knew that I wanted my son to grow up learning the scripture and attending a service of some sort. The best solution to this was for our family to have one religion. So once again I agreed to give Catholicism a try. After all, it wasn't that different and I have plenty of friends/family members whose husbands refuse to attend with them at all. If mine was more than willing to attend if I gave it a try then I was ahead.

However, I have realized that I do fit in there (or could see myself fitting in since I don't technically since I'm not Catholic) much to my mother's dismay. I told Mike to go ahead and register our family. I have even started to think about taking confirmation/convertion classes. Again though I have to know when hockey is to know if that is possible this year.

Hopefully soon we will start meeting people and getting more involved. That is if the second "religion" in our household - otherwise known as hockey - permits it...


  1. I am so thankful my son didn't get "into" hockey. It's so demanding with time. I can deal with the daily demands of football being that it's only 4 months.

    Good luck!

  2. See and even though I complain about it - I love it! Mostly because he loves it and it is something that he and his dad really bond over. I just love those 8 weeks where there is no hockey LOL