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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Showering = Deodorant Buy?

T finally gets around to taking a much needed shower this morning. Afterwards he packs his bag to spend the night with grandparents tonight (hurrah date night!!)

As he brings it downstairs I make him open it so I can inspect what he has packed (church clothes, sleepwear, underwear, clothes for the birthday party after church, his retainer etc.) Of course, he has forgotten underwear, a toothbrush, his retainer (which I doubt very much he will wear but I can at least know that I tried), and his deodorant.

He is promptly sent upstairs to retrieve these items. A moment later he comes down with everything but the deodorant. I, once again, tell him to go upstairs and get his deodorant.

He promptly begins arguing with me that he JUST got out of the shower and he DID just wash his armpits! He doesn't need his deodorant! That is for days that you don't take a shower.

Where did this child get that idea? Does he seriously think that deodorant is some type of shower alternative? He's an active boy for goodness sake! He plays hockey!!! He stinks often!

This argument continued after he reluctantly retrieved the deodorant. Since it was discovered under the dresser I was fairly certain that he had not used it today and requested that before putting it in the suitcase he use it.

"But Mom! I told you I just washed my armpits!!"

"I don't care you still have to use it."

"But..." further argument ensued until Dad called up the stairs -"Quit arguing with your mother and use the deodorant!"

No further argument. Deodorant used and quietly placed in suitcase. (Why do they always stop arguing when Dad speaks up?)

Raising a boy sure is interesting (and stinky!).


  1. At this point in my child raising, my kids think that deodorant is fun! My 5 year old loves using his dad's and my daughter uses mine. They beg to use it...

    I'm sure that will pass. ;)

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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love followers, they make me :o)
    I loved this post! It was hilarious! Can't wait to read more!