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Monday, August 24, 2009

Drama - Think Before You Post

Oh how I get tired of drama! Maybe it's because I teach middle school - which as we all remember is nothing BUT drama.

Well, it seems like drama is hitting my extended family again! If you read a couple posts previous about hockey dictating things you might remember that I was raised Methodist. Well almost all of my mom's side of the family that lives in the area attends church together. It is a quite small congregation. Basically made up greatly of my family and another family. Of course, there are others but honestly without these two families there wouldn't be much of a church.

Anyway, I guess lately there has been quite a bit of "discussion" over some of my family members' and a couple other girls' behavior. Their are about 5 of them all together. One of them has a job where she is able to get access to a suite for most of the major concerts that come to town and the group of them often attends - especially when it is a country act. No biggie right? Well kind of.

It seems they like to knock back a few when they go out. Again, no biggie, right? Again kind of. When they do this, or have their get togethers with their jell-o / pudding shots (I had never even heard of pudding shots!) they like to take pictures. They then post those said pictures on Facebook and such for the world and the church elders (who they have as friends) to see.

Then when people say things they get all upset.

Of course, they have a right to a good time. Of course, as long as they do so responsibly they can drink. But when you post pictures on a social networking site that is the impression that you are giving people of yourself. You are giving them the right to discuss it, print them, judge you by them, etc.

I don't understand why these GROWN woman (32-50 something) do not get that. Have your fun just don't post it for the whole world to see if you don't want them to judge you by it or to say something. Don't act surprised when someone then says the aren't sure you should be a church leader or in charge of Christian education of the church youth!

Yes I drink socially on occasion. Yes I am a teacher. Yes I think it is perfectly fine for me to do so. However, I will not post pictures of me drinking or allow others to do so. It just wouldn't be appropriate. That isn't the image that I want to portray of myself. That is not the impression that I want to give - especially to those who might not know me the best. Why would I give them preconceived notions of me?

Before you post something to the internet think! What does this tell someone about me? Is that how I want others to view me?

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  1. I completely agree about thinking before you post. I'm totally torn on this whole facebook thing. There are two ways to see this situation: 1) it sure is easier to see people for who they really are and not just their best "sunday suit" (an appropriate metaphor for this situation I must say) or 2) if you don't want the world to know what you do on your own time then keep it to yourself.

    I personally wish people justlived as though everyone they knew was watching (accept the judgement - because some will - or don't do it) but I also dislike the "facebook stalking" that so often occurs.

    Like I said... I'm torn