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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Babysitter Woes

As much as I love being a mom sometimes it would be nice not to be tied down. Now before anyone slam me I love my son to death but sometimes would just like my old unencumbered life back. I know - it is coming. He's nine. Before I know it he won't "need" me anymore. I really do love spending my time with him...

It's just my dad won tickets to the ball game on Saturday. Party suite tickets I might add! I would love love love to go (he invited hubby and I to go with Mom and him). However, I don't have anyone to watch the boy. My brother is going out of town. Hubby called a girl who used to be his secretary who has stayed with him a few times - she's out of town also. Hubby's family lives out of state so they are out. All my friends have kids the same age so no teenagers there. I have one last shot - my aunt. She does daycare (not on Saturdays though) and has kept him a couple other times. Plus I have a cousin just a couple years older than him that he just idolizes. I'll call her in the morning. Until then I'm just crossing my fingers she can and will do it.

1 comment:

  1. Give me a call...I'll watch him. :)

    Good luck finding someone. That's always hard. I hope you can make it! Sounds like a good time.