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Thursday, August 13, 2009

BINGO: B5 Describe Your Dream Home

I don't necessarily want a huge mansion. Lately, I'm realling like the Spanish look. You know a house with a terracota colored tile roof. Adobe looking. Not some boring asphalt shingled home that I see everyday all over the place in the Midwest. I would love to find one along the Gulf coast of Florida. Where I could sit outside and watch the boats go buy as I sip my evening drink and read a book. I love being by the water! It is so calming. My husband and I talk about retiring to Florida (in about 20-25 years!). However, we disagree as to where. He says central Florida (think Lakeland) and I want to be along the coast. We shall see. As I said - retirement is a L O N G way off!

Oh and I want palm trees and fruit trees in my yard! I woud LOVE to be able to walk outside and pick fresh lemons :)


  1. I love Spanish style homes and the one that you have pictured here is gorgeous. It really is.

  2. Thanks for following my site :) Returned the favor. And I have to agree this home is gorgeous!