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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bingo: Business

Mom Blogs at MomDot » Blog Archive » Blogger Bingo (13th ball is up): "Lots of people want to own a business….what kind of business would you own if you could have any business in the world. And if you own one already, tell us about it!"

Oh I have several ideas for this one! There are three types of businesses that I would love to own. All of them tie to my passions (hobbies).

1.) a book store - I have always LOVED books and reading. I would be in heaven to be surrounded by books all day. Not to mention that I would get to talk to people all day long about books! Currently I teach English and that is my favorite part of the job!

2.) a scrapbook store - I love scrapbooking. Just like the bookstore idea, if I owned a scrapbook store I would be surrounded by the pretty supplies that I love so much and able to talk scrapbooking with people all day!

3.) a photography business - This one kind of goes with #2. You can't scrapbook without photos (well you can but it isn't as much fun!). I love to go out with my camera and just snap away! It is very relaxing for me. It is so thrilling when you get that great shot.

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