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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moms Who Drink: No Joking After the Schuler Tragedy

Moms Who Drink: No Joking After the Schuler Tragedy

I don't understand how a woman could have 10 drinks worth a vodka and still drive? Not just because she and those she was with should know that she wasn't capable of driving but because if I had 10 drinks worth of vodka I would be comatose! How does a mother think it is okay to drink like that around her children either? I'm no prude. My son has seen me have a drink. But that is just it a drink. Singular. One. He has not seen me fall down sloppy drunk. That would not be appropriate. I choose not to surround my son with alcohol abuse. In my opinion that is the responsible thing to do as a parent.

As for her husband claiming tha he has never seen her drunk - BULLSHIT! How does your wife drink like that without passing out and you have no knowledge that she is abusing alcohol? It can't happen! You CHOSE to turn a blind eye to it. To ignore it. You DIDN'T WANT to face that your wife had a drinking problem so you just pretended all was fine and dandy. Well isn't that just great! Because you didn't call her on her issue your children are dead. Your neices are dead. And three innocent other people are dead. Can you still ignore her problem?

How about the fact that she smoked dope? Were you unaware of that too? Somehow I don't buy that one either. No one smelled it on her? Or were they smoking it too? Was where ever she was just full of responsible people who were looking out for these precious children? Protecting them? Making sure that they would stay alive?

When you decide to become a parent you have a responsibility to protect those children against everything - including yourself! You have to put your stupid immature ways aside and put their best interests first. That means you can no longer smoke dope and drive (or smoke dope at all for that matter!). You can no longer drink and drive. And before your child gets in a car you need to know that the driver (including yourself) is sober enough to drive.

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