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Monday, August 17, 2009

7 Years of Bliss

So we just recently celebrate our 7th wedding annversary. In honor of that I thought I would blog 7 things tha I love about my husband. Obviously, there are many more than 7 but I'm going to list 7 of them. (I can do 8 more next year LOL).

1) His smile and laugh. When he smiles at me or laughs at something I've said I get little flips in my stomach. Even after all this time.

2) How he's such a hardworker. The best part is I know he works so hard out of love for us. He does it all to provide for us.

3) How he say the same dorky things over and over again. Yes at times it gets a little old but then when I think about it it is also comforting. I like that we know each other so well that I know what he's going to say in certain situations.

4) He's a great father. He's tough but he's tough because he cares so much. Even though he can be tough he's also caring. He's free with the hugs and kisses and he's always there with well deserved "atta boy". Not to mention gladly gives up his time to coach hockey/baseball.

5) He does all the yard work. Sounds silly but lawnmowers and I have always battled. Hubby knows this and without complaint does all the yardwork - even though I'm home all day in the summers.

6) When I have a monsterous stack of writings to grade he takes over and does more than his fair share of the housework - without a word or a complaint!

7) He'll call me from work just to see how things are going. I love it. It tells me that he's thinking of me.

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  1. I've been married a little longer than you and #1 still makes my heart flutter as well. There's just something fulfilling about being able to make someone you love laugh. Really laugh.